Be Smart. Not Afraid.

Tumax  Alert Tracker devices are to help ease the fears of family members, give the wearer more confidence about their well-being, giving both them and their family peace of mind.

The idea is that no one need ever be alone.

It helps relieve the burden on families, who are often caught in the thoughts of “Will daddy be OK tonight?” “Will mom try and do too much around the house?” “Will my son get home safely after school?” “Will my daughter make it to her dorm room after class?” “I hope Fido didn’t get out of the yard again!”

With one of Tumax devices for each of them, you no longer have to worry.

 Police recommend that all women and children carry personal alarms. Never again will you have to worry about going anywhere alone. Tumax GPS Tracker Alerts will help you to feel secure and prepared.








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