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"Caring for other’s is an unselfish act of love."

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Why People Love Tumax!

Janet K.Just ordered personal alarms, 1 for me and 1 for my granddaughter who is in High School. She walks to and from school. I want her to feel a bit more confident.”

John T. - “I bought 4 key chain alarms... 1 for my wife and each of our girls! Really Loud! This should get someone's attention."

Byron R. - “I got 3 alerts. My parents are up in age and this way we know they will be more comfortable when they are out."

Craig C.“The gift card is the perfect present! This way my girls can choose the color they want!"

Mr. David V.“I like the gift card. Easy period. Plus Tumax offers a variety of alert products so you can keep coming back and purchase different items!"

Mitchell T. - "I purchased a personal alarm for each lady that works for me in the office. Ladies who have to walk to their cars in the parking garage after work. If something were to happen, these gals would be able to sound off the alarm for help with a pull of the chain!"




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