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"When Fast Needs To Be First!"

Call Our Safety Consultants (480) 407-6110


No Middle Man! No Monthly Fee!  

Max calls Direct! Works with a SIM card! 


Works Anywhere! 

Not Tethered to a Base with a Set Radius!

More Freedom!

Built in GPS Tracker to Pinpoint your Exact Location!  

Free APP for iPhone or Android

Program the Number you would like called in an emergency! Including 9-1-1

Our prime objective: Faster Response Time!

"Peace Of Mind Is A Gift."


One need never be alone. Our philosophy is based on that specific ideal.
— Lisa Smith, Founder

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"Caring for another’s safety is an act of love."

Contact us at 480-407-6110 or Toll Free 1-844-408-4382.

Monday through Friday; 8am – 5pm  

Saturdays; 10am – 2pm

Closed on Sundays


Why People Love “Max” and “Little Max”

Janet K.“Just ordered 2 of Little Max, 1 for me and 1 for my granddaughter who is going off to college. Want her to feel safe.”

John T. - “I bought 4 of them 1 for my wife and each of our girls!” These will scare the - - - - out of somebody!

Helen S.“I am a realtor and feel safer already! Max will tell my husband right away if something happens while I am showing a property.”

Byron R. - “I got 3 of the Max. My parents are up in age and this way we all feel more prepared if they fall or forget where they are.”

Amy B.“I have 2 of the Max, 1 for me and 1 for my dog Dusty.” I can let him out in the back yard and set the GEO fence and not have to worry about him running away because the Max will send an alarm to tell me if he leaves the yard!”

Craig C.“The gift card is the perfect present! It shows them that they are loved because we want them to be safe and prepared.”

Mr. David V.“I purchased a Max for each lady that works for me in the office. Ladies who have to walk to their cars in the parking garage after work. If something were to happen, these gals would be able to call for help with a push of a button!